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Attention to outdoor LED screen
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Folding structure design

Outdoor LED display area is generally large, so it is still very heavy. For outdoor LED display, the design of the front page needs to be noticed. The installation structure should take into account the main factors such as wind resistance, earthquake resistance, bearing and so on; secondly, the shape, structure and exterior decoration design of the panel should be coordinated with the attached architecture or environment; furthermore, the local environmental factors, such as air humidity, salt and alkali content (seashore City) and so on, are considered.

Folded light pollution

With the popularity of LED display, the concept of "light pollution" has been put forward. So is the LED screen considered "light pollution"? The international definition of light pollution is usually divided into 3 categories: white pollution, artificial daylight and colourful light pollution. At present, there are regulations on glass curtain wall in white pollution, but there are no regulations on artificial daylight and colourful light pollution. But taking into account the pollution of color light does cause people feel uncomfortable, should belong to "light pollution". When designing the display screen, the problem of light pollution prevention and control of the display screen has been considered.