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How will the led electronic screen industry develop in the future?
- Apr 28, 2018 -

With the development of LED electronic screen, the phenomenon of homogenization is serious, resulting in compressing profit and increasing market competition. At the same time, China's consumption structure is constantly upgrading, and the consumption habits have changed dramatically. The traditional functional products have not met the needs of local consumers; the low-end and popular LED electronic screen products are constantly expelled from the market, and the demand for consumers has been from functional, brand to experience. And the change of sense of participation. In other words, this also means that the opportunity of customization has arrived. Capturing psychological appeals and personalized solutions of customers will be the next breakthrough bottleneck for LED electronic screen manufacturing industry.

In fact, the concept of LED electronic screen customization production has a long history, but the concept of "customization" has been put forward by some enterprises only in recent years because of the higher demand for the enterprise. Customization can meet individual needs and achieve the goal of "selling products". Even some enterprises are standing at the highest point of the industry, shouting "customizing to win the future". With the advent of the era of intelligent manufacturing, the type of world economy is from market oriented to consumption oriented, and the customized production mode is gradually expanding to the market. Many led electronics manufacturers are surprised that the market demand is no longer a "rule", and many users are no longer satisfied with the old mass production of mass products. From all walks of life, different customers in each industry choose to diversify, and customers are no longer only "passive" to choose "pipeline" products directly provided by the manufacturers. They have begun to put forward more stringent requirements on the products.