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Installation of production process for LED display screen
- Apr 28, 2018 -

We have to do LED display screen, first of all the material is prepared to foot, today, the small editor in order to collect a LED display production process, for everyone to carefully explain the required materials and the process of the display screen. A display screen covers parts of the frame, displaying parts, controlling parts, power supply parts and accessories.

1. outer frame part: special aluminum profile, edge angle, light steel keel, rear baffle (aluminum plastic panel, Ou pine board).

2. display part: unit plate. Accessories cover: line power line.

3. control parts: control card, switch board, line. Note! (individual choke card does not have to transfer board and line line)

4. power supply part: 220V-5V power supply. The commonly used is 40A, 30A. Start the work situation.

5. accessories: 16P line, 16P card and clip, three core numerical line, DB9 head (pin, hole) DB9 shell, power cord, self tapping wire. Strong magnet (column and magnetic sheet)

6. tools: cutting machine, clamp, electric iron, stripper and screwdriver.