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Standardization to maximize resource utilization and help channel development
- Apr 28, 2018 -

It is said that the core of industrialization is "standardization", so is standardization means no personality? This may be a great controversy around the production of LED electronics screen manufacturing. All along, the relative dispersion of LED electronic screen manufacturing chain and the uneven development of the upstream and downstream industries have also hindered the development of the industry standardization process. 

Now, LED electronic screen industry has developed for nearly 30 years. Looking back at the development of the industry, it is easy to see that the LED electronic screen industry may be able to adapt to the quantification of production in the true sense through standardized production. LED electronic screen enterprises can adapt to the standardization needs of various application fields, so as to promote the LED electronic screen enterprises to enlarge the market. Just like the vigorous development of the current channel, when the market demand becomes larger, the only way to widen the channel is to achieve standardized production of the same category products. And there are senior professionals in the industry, said that through the channels to carry out a large number of standardized products wholesale, inventory sales convenience, no mortgage, no dragging, mass production. It can not only reduce the cost, improve the cost performance of the product, but also avoid the complicated production process under the unified standard, and also provide the quality assurance of the LED electronic screen product. Therefore, under this mode of production, channel strategy has become the common choice of many enterprises.