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The future development direction of LED display industry
- Apr 28, 2018 -

1. To save energy and develop low consumption

LED itself is very energy-saving, its characteristics are: high light efficiency, long life, easy control, maintenance free; it is a new generation of solid cold light source, soft, colorful, rich and colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, is green environmental protection products. This is also a major direction determined by national policies and the global economy.

Two. Developing towards light, thin and transparent direction

More and more LED displays are developing to this aspect, and a demand in this area is also seen. The height and difficulty of outdoor advertising screens need more lightweight and convenient LED display. Many floors are hard to bear such a heavy attachment. The bearing balance and foundation pressure are not easy to accept. There is also a load of the installer. In the daily life, we can see that the commonly used electronic products have become thinner and thinner, and many mobile phones are also the highlight of the product, and the computer displays are also developing in the direction of thin. The product is thinner and lighter in weight, and more convenient for transportation. It is also convenient for assembling the display screen. LED display production must also keep pace with the mainstream of electronic products. Besides, "penetration", "penetration" means ventilation and light transmission. If LED large screen is installed at the top of high-rise buildings, ventilation is very important. The greater the ventilation rate, the smaller the wind resistance, the stronger the wind resistance, and the greater the protection for the product.

If the LED display is installed on the side of the high-rise building, the product will be transparent, it will not affect the lighting in the room, otherwise the product will be turned into a dead wall, which is one of the many details of the installation of the LED display. The selection of the installation site needs to be approved by a lot of departments. The hindrance. The realization of lightness and penetration will expand the development scope of LED display screen. To sum up, lightweight and thin is also the development direction of LED display.