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The outdoor LED screen can take corresponding solutions according to the reasons.
- Apr 28, 2018 -

1. Reasonably plan the display area and installation position of the display screen

According to the viewing distance, viewing angle and surrounding environment, as well as the requirement of displaying the content, the area and position of the display can be reasonably planned. Instead of blindly pursuing large area and prominent location.

2. The selection and design of the playback content

Large giant screens are public media, including public interest, advertising and instruction. When we choose to play the content, we must reach a consensus with the public and avoid refusing to read.

3, multi-level gray correction technology to improve color softness.

The LED display product adopts more gradation grades to make the color look soft and natural.

4. Adopt the brightness adjustment system that can be adjusted automatically and automatically.

The brightness of different time and place environment changes greatly. If the display brightness of the display is larger than the environment, the eyes are not adapted, especially the brightness difference between day and night is larger, resulting in light pollution. Our automatic luminance adjustment system can automatically change the brightness of the environment and avoid the light pollution.