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A Brief Introduction To The Correction Of LED Display Box
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Box correction is a kind of production line correction, which requires LED display manufacturers to increase this link in the production line. In general, the box correction is the last link arranged before the factory, mainly to eliminate the brightness and chroma difference between the box and the box, so as to improve the uniformity of the LED display after the splicing.

In addition to adding corrective links in the production process, manufacturers generally need to follow up the calibration effect of screen production. There are three common methods in common use: one is to splice all the boxes together to observe the display effect, but the workload of the splicing is relatively large, and it is not convenient to realize; two is a random extraction of part of the box to observe the correction effect; three is to use the correction system to record the measurement data for the correction effect of all cases. Simulation evaluation. The LED production line of box calibration and simulation evaluation / sampling inspection is added.

The calibration of the box should be done in darkroom. Each array of the array imaging equipment and the colorimeter needs to be equipped for measuring the brightness and chroma information of each case. In order to ensure that the correction process of all the boxes is carried out without the influence of the external environment conditions, to achieve the target of brightness and chromaticity consistency, the dark chamber is required to be completely sealed and the temperature and humidity are constant. In the correction process, the position of the box and correction instrument must be fixed, and the box must be placed above the base. The effect of free ground reflection.