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A Period Of Big Outdoors Advertising
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Despite the huge investment, the number of LED advertising screens is still growing rapidly. In addition to its own advantages, outdoor brand advertising is also an important reason for shuffling.

Since the year before last, Nanjing has begun to tackle the undeveloped outdoor advertising billboards, including advertising on the top of the building and the high column inside the ring road. After about 2 years of cleaning up, the law enforcement departments removed nearly 1000 billboard advertising cards and completed about 80% of the demolition targets. There are only more than 20 pieces of advertising tall columns inside the ring road. According to this year's plan, the top 20% billboards and more than 20 high column advertising boards will be demolished.

With the development of last year's operation, the removal of billboards has extended to expressways and primary and secondary roads. Shanghai Nanjing high speed, the airport high-speed side of the high - speed side of the high column billboard has been dismantled, the density of billboards reduced, the main and secondary trunk road on both sides of the disordered set of banner, lamp box, lamp post has been gradually cleaned up.

"At present, there are more than 5000 major advertising brands in the main urban areas of Nanjing, such as the wall, and our vision is to reduce to 500 to 600 yuan." Ma Liangqi said.

In the background of the dramatic decrease in the number of traditional outdoor advertising, LED advertising screen as a new type of advertising carrier, "Qian Jing" is widely favored by the industry, and the number has also increased rapidly.