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LED Display Screen
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The calculation method of sending card and receiving card for indoor full-color LED display screen:

For example, an indoor P10 full color display with a length of 20 meters and a height of 10 meters is custom-made.

1. How many modules are used.

The size of the P10 display panel is: 32cm*16cm.

Number of modules used for length: 2000cm/32cm=62.5

Width using module 1000cm/16cm=62.5

2. The resolution of length and width is calculated:

(the pixels of the P10 indoor unit board are: 32*16)

The actual resolution of the display is: length: 32 x 63=2016 width: 16 x 63=1008

3. Calculate the number of receiving cards.

(the reception card 256*128 of the indoor screen)

Long: 2016 256=7.875, about 8

Width: 1008 128=7.875, about 8

8 x 8+1=65 card receiving card (more than one receiving card)

4. Calculate the number of send cards

(the sending card of the spirit star shower is 1280*1024)

2016 1280=1.575, about 2

1008 1024=0.98 is about 1

1 x 2=2 card.