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LED Full Color Display Integrated Market New Advertising Media Into Development Highlights
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The merger and integration of LED is a symbol of the maturity of the industry. With the market test of product quality and price, the market has experienced some cleaning to develop and mature. After the price, the advertising media market has become a new development point.

The application of new technologies in outdoor media has stimulated the growth of global LED display advertising. Outdoor video accounts for 80% of the US outdoor advertising market. Outdoor LED display advertising is a new high profit growth point. In China, in the second quarter of 2013, as an example, the scale of the outdoor LED advertising market in China reached 2 billion 148 million yuan, with an increase of 16.5%, and a slight increase of 2.3% over the same period. In the past two years, the pace of LED display to outdoor advertising seems to have been "stepping down" the heroic momentum of the streets and lanes. The LED display in the field of outdoor advertising has increased in the past two years, partly because the government has stepped up the attack on illegal advertising in recent years. The LED display as a new advertising medium and a strong opportunity to cut in, although a short period of outdoor advertising has brought the LED display. The huge market, but overall, the situation is not necessarily optimistic.