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Overview Of LED Dot Matrix Module
- Apr 28, 2018 -

LED dot matrix module refers to the use of modular combination of 8*8 modules to form modules, and LED module applications generally refer to two types of products: one is a flat panel made of a plugged lamp or a sticker, the outdoor door head Dan Hongping, the outdoor full color screen, the indoor full color screen, etc.; in addition, the luminous strings used as night decorations are also called LED Module. LED dot matrix is used to encapsulate 8*8 modules, and then combined into unit boards. Such unit boards are called dot matrix boards, which are usually used for indoor monochrome and dual color displays. The LED dot matrix display module can display Chinese characters, graphics, animation and English characters. The display modes are static, horizontal scrolling, vertical scrolling and page turning display. Single block module control drive 12 blocks (maximum control 24 blocks) 8X8 lattice, a common 16X48 dot matrix (or 32X48 dot matrix), which is 12 times (or 24 times) of single block MAX7219 (or PS7219, HD7279, ZLG7289, and 8279 like LED display driver modules)! It has good display effect, low power consumption and lower cost than using MAX7219 circuit.