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What Is The Difference Between The Half Outdoor And The Outdoors Of The LED Display?
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Many people have such a need, want to know LED display half outdoor and outdoor outdoor what's the difference?

The following is the difference between outdoor and semi outdoor collections compiled by Xiaobian:

1, outdoor production is glued and then glued after the package, and half outdoor without glue.

2, outdoor need to make full waterproof, semi outdoor need not waterproof.

3, the brightness of outdoor is higher, and the brightness of half outdoor is generally acceptable.

4. The outdoor is made of totally enclosed box with high protection level. The semi outdoor is made of direct aluminum or simple box, and the protection level is low.

5, the outdoor structure also needs to be waterproof, and the semi outdoor structure does not need to be waterproof.

6, outdoor use first consider waterproof and moisture-proof, otherwise circuit board water may be bad.

7, hanging position, font size, brightness, outdoor must also consider reflective brightness, otherwise the day can not see the words on the screen;

8, the impact of summer high temperature exposure on LED electronic display, appropriate heat dissipation measures and high temperature resistant LED digital tube;

9, screen size, appearance and communication requirements.