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Why Can You Pack It In An Airbox?
- Apr 28, 2018 -

LED full color display is required to put LED box into the air box during shipment or transportation.

The original traditional wooden box and iron box, such as the full color display screen, there are poor mobility, inconvenient loading and unloading, not environmental protection and other reasons, can not meet the existing high-end LED display product packaging carrier requirements, then on this basis, the development of a new generation of packing box - air box.

At present, LED air box wide field led display, lease LED display, color screen display packaging, full color display screen packaging, indoor and outdoor display packaging and other fields, Liancheng hair LED display is now using custom aircraft, transportation safety and convenience.

LED aeronautical box features:

1, LED aviation box surface materials and colors can be selected according to requirements.

2, the traditional packing box usually needs to open the mold, LED aviation box eliminates the mold expense, according to the customer request specification.

3. Inside the LED aviation box, there are partitions, with shockproof cushioning materials, shockproof and anti impact.

4, the LED aviation box can be fitted with casters, which is highly mobile and flexible.

5, can be customized according to customer requirements.